Welcome to the Halifax Oval

The Oval is located on the Halifax North Common at the corner of North Park

Street and Cogswell Street.  There are two main entrances: one is located on

North Park Street, and the other is at the corner of North Park and Cogswell.

Halifax Oval Parking:

If you plan on taking your car, 

please keep in mind there are 

no parking lots for the Halifax 

Oval; however, there is 

parking available on streets in 

the surrounding area of the 

Halifax Common 

Metro Transit: 

Plan your visit to the Halifax Oval using Metro 

Transit and chart your route using Google 

Transit -  a free public transit trip planner that 

integrates Metro Transit routes, schedules, 

and stop data into Google Maps.

On Site Amenities:

Warming Hut

Portable Washrooms

Heritage Display

Picnic Area

Skate Change Area

Spectator Area

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