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That dirt will soon be under our skates. Those hills are small compared to the Halifax Citadel. We'll be going faster than 15 km/hr when we replace that dirt with ice. Hairpin curve ahead! Can you spot all three workers? Those bobcats are sure work horses. Is that the Atlantica Hotel in the distance? Man thinking... Looks like one giant slip and slide. Aligning the tubing. So many people involved in the construction. Rolling out more tubing. Before and after. So much tubing was used in the construction. I'm guessing these rolls of tubing were heavy. All for strengthening the concrete. The heart of the Halifax Oval. Now as long as Mother Nature keeps it below 10 degrees Celsius. Two at a time. So much still to do. Still filling in all the pieces. One roll at a time. Awaiting the installation of the tubing. The first machine to speed along the entire Halifax Oval. Follow the leader perhaps. Black and orange very Halloween like. Walking the Halifax Oval. Men at work. The Halifax Armoury in the distance. Big yellow cat. From rebar to concrete. Only five more rolls of tubing to go...maybe. Komatsu is on his break.

These images show the complete

construction phases of the Oval.

Halifax Oval Girl Skater
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