Welcome to the Halifax Oval

The Halifax Oval is

the largest outdoor

artificially refrigerated

ice surface in

the Maritimes.

Halifax Oval Skating Rink Halifax Oval Zamboni

Initial ice making will take about 250,000

litres of water.  Ice will be resurfaced

using an Olympia ice resurfacer with a

laser leveller and a laser edger.

Halifax Oval Skaters NHL NHL NHL

An ice surface (of approx 55,000 sq. ft.)

the equivalent size of 3 NHL hockey rinks.

The ice surface can accommodate up to 1500 skaters at a time.

Halifax Oval Refridgeration Halifax Oval Construction Halifax Oval Ice

6 refrigeration units make it possible to skate

in ambient temperatures as warm as 10°C.

There is approx 450,000 linear feet

(85 miles) of piping used to create the oval.

Ice will be approx 2"

thick above the pipes.

Halifax Oval Girl Skater
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