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If you've already spent much of the late fall and early 

winter on the couch because of the chilly weather, it's

time to get out and get moving. There are many 

excellent winter sports to participate in, bringing not 

only good health benefits but a lot of fun into day to 

day doldrums and ice skating is one of those 

outstanding activities.

1. Cardiovascular Benefits 

Ice skating is one of the best aerobic activities there 

is. You'll be having so much fun out on the rink you 

won't notice how hard your body is working until 

you're done. Plus you'll get all the great cardio 

benefits without the pounding that other physical 

activities like running will take on your body. To reap 

the maximum cardiovascular benefits, keep moving 

and don't just glide over the ice. Interspersing 

between coasting and speed skating is a great way to 

boost your endurance and increase the calorie burn.

2. Endurance

Speaking of endurance, you'll also increase endurance through ice skating. The

best way to do this is to participate on a routine basis, increasing your speed 

and distance a little each time you get out on the ice.

3. Increased Muscle 

Of course your legs will get a great workout when you ice skate, especially the 

hamstrings and quadriceps. You'll also build up your abdominal and lower back

muscles while keeping your balance on the ice.

4. Weight Loss

Ice skating is a great calorie burner and depending on your current body 

weight and effort on the ice, skaters can lose as many as 760 calories an hour.

5. Mental Benefits 

As you glide across the ice, your cares literally melt away as you focus on the 

exercise instead of your worries. If you skate outdoors, you'll likely enjoy some

beautiful scenery as well as having the ability to enjoy life as a kid again.

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